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Hi, everyone! I began my writing journey developing screenplays. Now, I want to convert many of my scripts into books. With being a screenwriter, I worry my writing might be revised by others before it reaches an audience, and I might never be able to direct my own work. With book writing, I can show readers exactly what was intended with my stories. To start, I plan on writing and self-publishing an anthology of short science-fiction and horror stories. The book will contain eight segments and be called Stems.


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How interesting. I have always wondered about the nuances of writing a good screenplay, although I certainly know it when I watch one. I just finished reading Queens Gambit and then watching the Netflix series right afterward. The two are so different. As you say, there is so much that can change with directing, editing, acting, etc.

I'm writing a novel and one of the things I enjoy the most is writing their thoughts. So I can relate to your desire to share your intent. I look forward to hearing more about Stems. Welcome aboard!
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