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Howdy, I'm the penman (well, pen-woman 😅) behind the WF name WriterInHigehrEd24. I'm a graduate student from Texas, pursuing a career in higher education. I primarily write fiction and poetry, though seem to rotate between inspiration to write and inspiration to expand my photography business. I love to collaborate and throw around ideas; my favorite way to do this is to "interview" people to help flesh out character details. I'm always up for a conversation, so let's chat!

- TK


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Welcome to the forum!

There are lots of opportunities to get feedback on your ideas here. There is also a place you can post your visual arts. What type of fiction do you write?

Olly Buckle

Hello there. There are all sorts of us writing all sorts of stuff here, so I am sure you will find people to collaborate and exchange ideas. Have a trawl through writing discussion for a start, it's a good place to chip in and make those posts that open up the rest of the forum apart from anything else.