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I'm not much of a writer, and though I though I won't be seeking reviews for any writing of mine, I do hope to learn much from what I read here.

See you around, members of WritingForums.com. :)


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Welcome Hyperion, hope you like it here, and I hope this board inspires you to write at least it alittle.


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Hi, gohn67. Hi, Nickie.

gohn67: I believe it shall, and I hope so. Writing has been an avid hobby of mine.


Welcome, Hyperion

Chances are good you'll pick up a writing trick or two by hanging out at WF...or mind-numbing insanity. Either/or.

Enjoy your stay!


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Wow, has this forum always been this popular? It was 2005 when I joined, and now I cannot remember how I got here. As to how I returned, I was searching for forums I was active on long ago, just for nostalgia's sake. How pleasing, then, to come across a neat community that has only flourished more in my absence, and has a community waiting to receive me again.

Anyways, in regard to this introduction topic, I thought of submitting another one, but decided it best to revive this for some context. Between my registration in 2005 and my return in 2010, I have taken English classes at my local community college. As well, I have written, and written more; I have a few essays to share. I still look upon my writing and revise and revise, or at least ponder how to improve what I say. However, I feel that I have improved, and writing is still very much a relevant and interesting topic to me. That said, I plan to give this forum another go, and maybe even become more active than before.

To end, a few articles I have written, which may be of interest since this is a writing forum. First, here is an essay I wrote for my English 015 class:

"The Elected President: A Case Study."

Now, the few more examples below were not written for class, but they have to do with online community building, a subject of great interest to me:

"The effects of a shoutbox on a forum community."

"Misused community building methods."

"Creating the ideal guest welcome message for your forum."


Welcome back to WF. You'll probably notice quite a few changes. I hope you like what you find.