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Hi everyone,
I am an aspiring writer and am avid reader. I'M always looking for book recommendations so please feel free to send me links of your books or books you love!!
Hi, welcome to WF!

Which genres do you prefer? We have many published authors on WF and you can read some of their interviews

and as an avid reader you may be interested in

or Beta reading


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Hi C
Welcome . You are at right place. Hope to read your work here and you would definitely appreciate the keen involvement of mentors and members here, what I have myself experienced here.



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You've been so welcomed I hope to heck you feel welcomed! LOL In my experience, avid readers have the best chance to hit the ground running as writers. Good examples and lots of inspiration flow from constant reading ... especially for people who read quality. So dive on in. :)


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Hello and welcome! I am also new here, just joined a few days ago. :)

As an aspiring writer and avid reader I'm sure you've already read it, but the book that's been by far the most influential in my writing journey thus far is Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. It was hilarious and helpful, and I even ~ almost ~ cried at one point. It's absolutely lovely and I definitely recommend if you haven't already read it!