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New Here, writing fantasy novel (1 Viewer)


Hello, I am currently working on a fantasy novel that I hope will become a series. I am going to be creating new fantasy creatures and gods will also have a small role. Also creating a new hard magic system. Anyways, if anyone wanted to help with naming the gods or describing new fantasy creatures to add, that would be appreciated. I will be posting questions in a more appropriate area. Thanks.


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hi kelton,

the fantasy community here appears to be pretty active.
take a look around.
everyone is encouraged to read, consider and provide feedback.

if you have questions,
most forumites will do their best
to assist and/or refer.



Hey Kelton and welcome to the boards. Sounds like you're hitting the world-building pretty hard--which is always the most fun part of writing fantasy. Well, to me anyways. :lol:

Glad to have ya!