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Hi all, I’m Chris and as the handle suggests, I’m a native Bostonian. Not new to writing as I’ve been at it for a long time- a friend suggested I work more on my short stories and poetry.

So I’m looking to learn from others and share some of my off kilter ramblings that come to me throughout my day. Looking forward to the fun.


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Hi Chris, a warm welcome to our creative community. Great to have you on board. Once you become a full member (after 10 posts) you are welcome to enter our monthly poetry and fiction challenges. You will also have access to the poetry and prose workshops (not visible to search engines, guests and new members) intended for more serious critique and those working towards publication.

Darren White

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Since it is an automated action, so you should give the system a bit of time before everything has changed :)
But I think that by now you have access.


Welcome Chris! Boston's one of my favorite cities and I'm looking forward to the eventual day that we can travel again so I can take another trip there. Looking forward to seeing your work!