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New book idea (1 Viewer)


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If not allowed here please move to the area where it should be.

I have this idea about writing another book while my first one isn't done yet. Its going to be about Hitler surviving ww2. He is actually an immortal man who has been living the life of great historical people. He was also Neoplian and Ceasar. He will be apposed by the main hero who is also an immortal man that always undermindes him. He is going to be good leaders thru history. Not sure if its a good idea or not. Just let me know.


It's a fascinating concept. Would the history be altered, ala "Man in the High Castle", or is all this happening behind the scenes, so to speak? I like the idea of a second immortal that keeps foiling plans, but it sounds like there's still lots of backstory to flesh out. How did they both become immortal, when did they first meet, ect? Thankfully, history is chock full of ideas!


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The idea I had would be behind the scennes while he fleas to Brazil. He tries to gain power very slowly and eventually becomes the next U.S president. We would go forward in time showing this slow build. Also going back in time as his memory comes back to him over and over agian. Eventually we learn that he is Cain from the Old Testament. The Main hero would be his brother Abel whom God brought back to life.