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New Administrator: Santa Came to WF Early this Year! (1 Viewer)

We are delighted to announce @vranger has agreed to join the admin team. Jim not only brings his contagious enthusiasm to WF but a wealth of experience. Thanks, Jim!

Jim began writing with his first business, writing interactive adventure in heroic fantasy and science fiction, where he wrote between 2.5 to 3 million words (based on the word count of surviving text files which amount to less than half of what he wrote back then). He also hired, trained, and managed a staff of writers when the volume of customers grew too large for him to manage alone.

For the last twenty years, Jim's extensive experience in software development has been in the form of eCommerce systems, both developing them, and consulting on how to leverage them to boost sales from previous marketing strategies. And, in that time, he developed his proofreading app, which is an essential element of his editing process for completed novels.

Years ago, Jim finally got around to a long-held desire, bringing his previous experience writing fiction into the realm of writing novels, resulting in seven novels (very soon to be eight with our collaboration), one novella, and the murder mystery in progress. He spends a great deal of time studying both good techniques for plotting and writing fiction, and keeping track of developments in publishing, even though he is self-published ... a decision discussed in his interview.

Over the last ten years, quite a few authors have asked for his help in evaluating, editing, and proofing manuscripts, so he's been involved in that end, too.

Jim feels the most important element of his development in writing has been reading great authors for 55 years, starting early in grade school and never waning. He thinks we learn as much from observing what works as examining why it works, but both are important to developing writing skill.
Congrats Jim. Well deserved. If you would like to write a novel, plot based in India, write this time about Delhi, I would love to make you aware about local scenes here.

And now onwards I would be sending all my admin complaints to you 😉😉 beware.