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Nervous but Determined (1 Viewer)



Hi there, I'm Alice!

I've been writing all my life but have never taken the time to sit down and actually finish something I've started. It's always been bits and pieces that never get finished.

I do have one play done, but am terrified to send it out. Currently, I'm working on a story that I've fallen in love with. I thought it might encourage me to see this one all the way to completion if I had fellow writers to talk with.

So it's nice to meet all of you. I'll probably lurk for a bit just to get a feel for this place, but I'll be around!
I'm surprised you were able to get even ONE thing done.

I mostly write poetry and short stuff and such, not just because I think they're the most fun to write and best to read, etc., but also because they're all I can ever finish.



Welcome, Alice,

Nothing to be nervous about. Well, except for the sharks.

Other than that, enjoy the forums!