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The newsworthy, comprised of biliary sensibilia, are askew in sensibilities. I look forward to the day when humans shall have sloughed off the body and become vortices of thought and there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in newsworthiness.

Pixilated protesters clamoring opposites on the same side of the fence (outside the ranch) to an about face of epistolary intensive care charities on cue when disaster strikes trigger wrenching conniptions in the normal course of what would otherwise be an aureole day.

Welcome to the Monkey House, a sci-fi collection of short stories that perhaps predilicts the days of kevorkia whereby the doctor is in and the patient is put out, is indicative of public sensibilities in its preface whereby Vonnegut states smoking is society's accepted Kevorkian and doctor assisting is not.

Precedent states that I pay extra only to remain home amidst plumes of sentences that begin in quit and end in sensibiliary ahems while newsworthy plebes at state belch biliary sensibilia from an outlet, which harp against sensimilia sensibilities.

I beg to differ, you say, but sensibilities are alack in unity to describe news extremities between Snowe balling about deserting and anchors announcing she looked in and there he was just looking right back up at her to depict a voyeur in sewage.

In other words, the news tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow should read "...cane hurried into barns in case of not being able to with weather..." It doesn't have to be Utopia, just reasonable and just cause to post signs signifying nothing but ignorance with merit. Thus, sensibiliaries abound!


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sorry, z, but the surfeit of often inappropriately-used 20-dollar words and apparently newly-coined-by-you ones, makes this read like gobbledygook...

grammar is garbled, syntax scrambled, and the puzzling overuse of italics is annoying as all get-out... altogether making this too much of a pain to plow through... or to bother trying to figure out what you're trying to say...

sorry i haven't anything more positive to offer...

love and hugs, maia


All that has been said here without going to the dictionary is newsworthiness leaves one with a sense of bile the same way smoking leaves one with a sense of bile, yet more is an idiosyncracy of the audience caterwauling levity between levees and smoking, both hazards, one choice.
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