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Need to get rid of a bat. Don't know any exterminators. What can I do? (1 Viewer)


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I am on the mountain which is popular for its cold weather which attracts tourists and a bat comes to visit every night. What can I do? The roof may be its entrance point. We need to cover it with blaster. It remains unclear on what to do. I don't like harming wildlife but it seems threatning. Any do's or don't from anyone with experience (hopefully) or expertise? We are scared so we just lock our rooms.

bazz cargo

Retired Supervisor
In the UK they are a protected species.
Bats, except for fruit bats, are insectivores, mostly moths. As you are neither fruit nor insect I would suggest the only danger you are in is imaginary. I realize that isn't very helpful.
Practically, find out where it is getting in and block the hole up.
Do not chase it. Left alone it will find a place to roost, then in daylight, while it sleeps you can get a good look at it. They are amazing.


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Thanks for the word of caution. We are scared so we practically run away from it and lock ourselves during nighttime close to bedtime in our bedrooms. I think there must be a hole somewhere in the roof but at night it is invisible which is when we see the bat. I am going to insist on my parents to patch it sooner. They are taking it seriously. However, we might need to ask someone who can patch a small hole where it enters at night. We lack a plan. That will be my new plan. To hire a person who does work on the roof of houses who will have to help us. I think I know where it enters. We were not very certain where it got in. But in daylight the hole where it entered we can guess is visible and at night it is not visible. So it makes surprise visits as visitors. Thanks Bazz cargo for the advice. I really mean it since I have heard terrible things about bats and the possible diseases they can transmit it if we get too close to it. That is what I consider rash and foolish I assume.
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Olly Buckle

Bats can carry disease. Stay away from it, I can't imagine a bat wanting to associate with people if it didn't have to, but bats have an extremely developed immune system, which means if a disease can infect a bat it can infect almost anything. Like Bazz says the bat itself is not going to hurt you, but if you pursue it and hassle it you could pick something up, leave it to get on with it's life and it is unlikely to interfere with yours.