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Need Help with Page Identifiers (1 Viewer)

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Dear Members,

I am hoping that someone can help me with page identification nomenclature. I really don't know what to call various identifiers in certain books. I am compiling a list of scientists and citing references. Outside of page number, I do not know what to name the other components of the page identification parts. I've attached a PNG image to illustrate these components to which i need help naming.

I need names for the red, blue and green highlights. I thought that the blue would be an Index but then what is the Cc3? I don't know how to refer to these page identifiers. What do publishers call these numbers/identifiers?

I am trying to cite such pages as follows:
Book title and any necessary subtitles, Volume id, Number id, Pages xx-xx, Author, City xxxx date

I need to know what to call the red, blue and green identifiers. Index MMXXI and Section Cc3? I thought that AAA-BBB is the Index. I need help.

Thank you for your time and best wishes,


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Title, (Im not sure of the blue, maybe subject), Footer?

Hard for me to say from the above. Do you know what style you are supposed to write this in? Any certain journal style specifically? Purdue has the best help on APA style and it might help— just because it might give you the terms? That’s for more scientific articles/writing. If you know the style, then J bet the quickest way for you to be sure would be to google that particular style. Here’s Purdue’s APA style in case it helps.

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