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Need help with adhesion romance beat (1 Viewer)


What I thought was going to be a literary novel has pretty much become a romance about a cis male theology/philosophy (concurrent) student and a writing major/philosophy minor (cis female) at a small, conservative Catholic college. They meet at a party where the best friend of Tris, the male lead, suggests he get to know his crush's twin Cally (female lead). He reasons this will allow him into the two's friend circle, where he can wait for his crush to dump her bf. (He's a jerk whose girlfriends always leave him.)

Naturally, he and the twin, Cally, clash at first. In this case, his dogmatic Catholicism and her atheism put them at odds in a common Philosophy 101 course taught by a sexist prof who takes a fancy to Cally. She will eventually find out that the same professor plagiarized a paper of her (dead from suicide) mother's to help himself get tenure.

I'm pantsing, so I'm trying not to plan too much farther yet, lest I lose interest. I can't figure out a way to force the leads together, though, so they have to get to know one another. Halp pls


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Hi. Is this still an active issue?

I know I'm two weeks late to your post -- just joined -- but your problem is interesting.

Have you resolved this since?

And, if you don't mind saying, how?