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need a script (1 Viewer)


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im planning to adopt the novel "Les enfants terribles" by John Cocteau into a play. but the trouble is that ive never done that before and i was really hoping that someone can help me along...also if anybody knows where to get hold of the 1949 movie or its script..keep in mind that im based in delhi,india and cannot afford to order at exhorbitant prices..
is nothing available on the net?
p.s-if somebody is interested in lending me their script (stage play) for my college annual production...4-6 characters and approx 30-40 mins long...anyone not looking for remuneration but helping out college kids


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email me and i'll see what i can do for you...

keep in mind that cocteau's works are still protected by copyright and the screenplay version will be copyrighted by the producers, so if you plan to use this commercially and base the play on the film version, you will have to get permission from his estate and the producer...

also, the oakland opera theater staged an operatic adaptation of the novel [which may also have been done as a play] in 2006...

love and hugs, maia
[email protected]
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as i thought, he did write that as a play, sometime after the novel... here's the book of plays you can look for in the library or get on e-bay [link]:

Jean Cocteau Five Plays HC DJ 1st - (item 300123942104 end time Aug-21-07 19:46:48 PDT)



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thanks a lot...uve been of great help...and ive mailed you asking for some information so...

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