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Need a gathering place (1 Viewer)


This is kinda about plot. It’s definitely necessary.
I need a setting for my story, and I can’t really come up with one that works.
I want it to be an enclosed space (like a building, in case you need help, idk) but very large where a lot of people can gather. Basically like a venue. Examples I can think of are hotels, libraries, schools, and maybe shopping plazas (still debating about if that counts, even though it doesn’t matter).
These are all good and all, but not really striking my fancy.
The closest is probably a hotel.
Anybody got any ideas?


Senior Member
Hold it, I'm still typing. Don't leave the gathering place just yet. :)

There's a ton of kinds of indoor spaces suitable for gatherings. Can you describe why hotels, libraries, schools, and shopping plazas didn't strike your fancy? What kind of atmosphere are you going for?

K.S. Crooks

Senior Member
More of the context would help. However, community centre, grocery store, arena, ice rink, church/religious building, home depot, wallmart, fire station, hospital. convention centre.

Dr Hooss

Senior Member
Music venue, dry dock, warehouse, cinema, abandoned creepy old mansion, castle, aircraft hangar, missile bunker.


Senior Member
Since I know absolutely nothing about your work and context, I will just say random stuff that nobody has said yet:
  • A cave
  • An aquarium full of giant turtles (the turtles are important)
  • The rooftop of a skyscraper
  • A cafeteria run by an elderly woman
  • A bar, also owned by the same elderly woman
  • The mansion of a rich singer who is never around
  • A pool. Actually, a very big pool, like those chinese photos with 7548756978 people floating and fake waves.
  • The room controled by a superintelligent computer that has decided not to speak since 34 years.
  • The luxurius inside of a spaceship.
  • Remember the elderly woman? Her twin sister has a cat café.
I...I'm going to stop, I could go on forever.