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Are you looking for a critique on your work and are perhaps disheartened by a lack of replies? Please read on to find out how to maximise your chances of securing the critique you desire.

  • Don't be too keen to post your work immediately. Take a little time to familiarise yourself with the board, have a look at the FAQ for guidance, and get to know people in the casual sections of the forum such as the lounge and debate. Doing this will help you make friends, which will bolster the likelihood of getting a critique.
  • It is recommended that you offer critiques to people before asking for one in return. We like to live by a credo of reciprocation here, and anything you can do to enhance your reputation as a consistent reviewer can only help.
  • Try to avoid critiques that aren't particularly helpful, such as: "This was great!" Or: "Please post more!" These won't help anyone, nor will they endear you to many. Try to be as constructive as you can. If you like something, elaborate on why you like it. Likewise, if you saw a plot hole or identified mistakes, point them out to the author in a friendly manner. Be honest but be polite. You don't need to patronise, but before you post something put yourself in the author's position. How would you construe your reply if someone else posted it on your work? Consider this before you post, and temper your words if necessary.
  • If someone criticises you or your critique, please do not respond to them in the thread. Report the post and it will be dealt with by staff. Likewise, do not derail someone else's thread with off-topic comments which aren't relevant. If you must reply to an off-topic response, take it to PMs.
  • Don't flood the forum with four or five pieces of your work at one time. Even if you have provided critiques galore, it's still disrespectful to other workshop users. It is unrealistic to expect even the most stalwart reviewer to reply to all of them.
  • Please, and I can't stress this enough, run a spell-check on your work before posting. The occasional mistaken word isn't a problem, but throwing something together in five minutes and posting it on the forum with mistakes, lack of punctuation, and improper formatting intact, is disrespectful to the people who have to read it. Try to make it as error-free as possible. That way, everyone is happy.
  • Finally, don't bump your threads. It's not nice and it rarely ever works. If people haven't responded the first time, bumping will not make them respond now.

If these pointers don't help you secure that critique, feel free to PM one of the board moderators or a mentor.

+credit to Sam for creating this guide
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