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Need 2 important features on my story (1 Viewer)


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I will use this thread to present myself and to request some tips.

Hi, I'm Gerardo, from Argentina, I'm 19 years old and I'm an actor and I love write comedy scripts.

Now I'm interested in write a story, which I could say it's vast, it would go like this:

A sci-fi story about cockroachs and toads in war with philosophical connotations, I know that I would like to write the story like a journal of certain characters, but I'm not certainly willing with this, cause I'd love to relate some things in 3rd person. What do you think is more rentable to write? 1st Person like a journal or 3rd person? anyway I think I'd quote a character journal if I write it in 3rd person.

And the other important thing is, what do I want to write? a novel or a flash fiction? Is there any limitations with the flash fictions? Cause I think my story would be kinda short for a novel and so long for a flash fiction.
And if it's a novel, what are the minimum quantity of words to be neccesary?

This is it. Thanks


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It all depends on if you want this to be something that will sell. And then brings the question of if you do want this to be something to sell? And then brings the last question of what is the age range you want to focus on? If it's aimed for young adults, a shorter novel will be great. Even if it's aimed for those who are older, it will still be enjoyable. Just remember that flash fiction isn't as recognized as novels, in case this does turn into something you want to make even bigger and publish.

Everyone has their opinions when it comes to 1st person or 3rd person. Though 1st person is a bit more popular, I personally prefer 3rd person. For this, I would say 3rd person. It's a war, it's something with a lot of action and it's always easier to show that action with 3rd person. When it comes to 1st person, you're mainly focusing on one or two people and their life. With 3rd person, you can go into much wider detail because you aren't mainly focusing on what's going on in that person's head and what they see. That's just my opinion on it though.

A sci-fi, cockroaches at war with toads story? Sounds pretty awesome to me. Whatever you end up doing, I'm sure it will be great. Feel free to share some if you'd ever like some feedback. Good luck :D


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Thanks for the stimulus.

Actually I've been reading some of "A song of ice and fire", and I think it would be great relate my story like in that book.
It's 3rd person but the chapters are narrated about a single character, so it would be something like the journal I wanted, close to it and also I could use the incredible features of narrate in 3rd person.


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It sounds like a good plan you have there. Good luck on this and hopefully all will go as planned :thumbl:


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By "rentable" do you mean "salable"? As for third-person versus first-person, it really comes down to personal preference and whatever would work best for your particular piece. And a novel is a difficult form to start with. Flash fiction is niche. If you want something between a novel and flash fiction, there are short stories and novellas. As for word counts, there is no agreed upon guide, but generally a novel is over 40,000 words; a novella is 17,500 to 40,000 words; and a short story is under 7500 words.

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