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NaPoWriMo 2021 - register your interest here (1 Viewer)

Darren White

co-owner and admin
Staff member

Why not join WF's 2021 NaPoWriMo challenge?
Please register your interest here.

The challenge will be hosted on the NaPoWriMo forum or, if you want to protect your first publishing rights, we also have a NaPoWriMo workshop

You can chat about NaPoWriMo with fellow poets around the 'Round Table'

The challenge commences on the 1st April, so please do not post poems beforehand, they will be removed.

New members please contact Darren or PiP for posting access.

Only members who have completed the full 30 days will be issued an award.

Any questions please shout!


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poet-mah-poets napo2021

mindreader, you!
started my box last night.
threw shreds of potential prompts
and committed themes
through the slot
in the top.

2021 looks to be more challenging for me than years past.

i would like to request:
all my pomes in a single workshop thread
thread prepopulated with index plus 30 replies
1st post as index with links as completed
permission to post weekly, when needed
weekly postings may require several connect-drop-reconnect cycles
please ignore any waxing-poetics embodying/giving-voice-to
those compounding-cummulative-complex frustrations,
'cuz why not?

local environment is slowly readjusting to pre-pandemic,
most access points are tentatively set for september-december.
i r need april.ing(s). :(



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Hello everybody - yes I will try, hopefully I will write myself out of this writers block and give myself a daily structure again. Can't promise on the quality, just lots of strange experiments. ;)


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Ok I will proceed as I did last year with rewrites as well as new poems. I am not a stream of consciousness writer at all. I work from a work file. I will post unfinished poems I am still working on.

a poet friend
RH Peat