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NaNoWriMo's New Adventure! (1 Viewer)


Information for those Wrimo's who are looking for a new challenge (and an update on published NaNo's!):

www.nanowrimo.org for more information.

NaNoWriMo Website said:
Breaking News

The new adventure
Posted by Chris Baty on 2006/6/5 20:13:19 (1001 reads)
Remember about three weeks ago, when I mentioned a new writing challenge we're launching in June, 2007?

Well, I'm back with a little more about it. And here's the deal:

We want you to write a movie.

Yep. We love writing novels in November. And we'll keep running NaNoWriMo until the sun implodes. But after seven years, we're eager for a supplemental adventure. One where we can get in over our heads and swim out past the creative breakwaters and experience the exhilarating surge of a thousand other nautical metaphors cascading over our laptops and legal pads in a froth of art-fueling adrenaline.

Also, we want to do it because it turns out that movie stars don't flock to amateur novelists in quite the quantities we'd hoped.

So we're heading into the world of screenplays. And we're currently laying the foundations for a new website that will provide inspiration, community, and a terrifying, month-long deadline for would-be screenwriters around the globe.

Like NaNoWriMo, the event will be free, fun, and self-competitive. Unlike NaNoWriMo, collaboration will be encouraged. Also, the whole thing will be helmed by someone much smarter and more experienced than me---a fantastic writer and UCLA-trained director named Kristina Malsberger.

Kristina is awesome, and you'll be hearing more from her when the temporary site for the screenplay event launches this fall. If you'd like to make sure you get a heads-up about the escapade, you can add your email address to our NaNoRemindMe box on the NaNoWriMo home page, and we'll send you an email when the new site goes up.

And on the NaNo front, we had three more NaNoWriMo manuscripts hit bookstore shelves in the past few months. Congrats to Francesca Segre, Rebecca Agiewich, and Dave Wilson on the publication of their novels!

Hope everyone is having a great summer, and is slowly starting to gear up for November's noveling extravaganza!

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