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NaNoWriMo Stories? (1 Viewer)


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I was curious about everyone's nanowrimo stories (if you participated. i hate i missed it in november. i found out about it in february! figures) i wanted to know if it was a great experience or a waste of tremendous time? share your comments, stories, anything! thanks


The first year I did NaNo I didn't do so good. I only got about 10k done the entire month, but I did continue working on the story afterwards.

My second attempt (last year) went a lot better. I crossed the finish line with about 52k, although I didn't have the entire story finished.

It was an excellent lesson in how to write without going back to edit. That was the thing I needed to get from it the most, and I did. It also reinforced the concept of knowing that when I write, I have to be ok with writing crap. Within the crap though, there are those nuggets of actually good writing, and that is what you go back and build on.

I would recommend it to anyone. Even if you never do anything with the story you work on during the event, you come away with so much you learned during it that it is still worthwhile.


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i'm just posting so the thread will appear again as the latest post. more people will see it this way.


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I signed up to participate in it last year, but with the heavy workload from school, it was really a struggle to write everyday. I manged to write 1000 words a day and not much more after the first three days. School was so overwhelming at that point.


I did NaNo for the first time in 2005. Can't wait to do this again!

I worked on a fantasy last November, Logan's Lament, and finished just over 61,000 words. I'm guessing that's about half of the draft.

I've not decided what I'll be writing this November. Maybe Logan's Lament, Part II. LOL!

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