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NaNoWriMo help (1 Viewer)

I need some suggestions/help. I'm doing NaNoWriMo again for the fourth time. I have a few different novel ideas and I can't decide which one.

The first choice is a rewrite of the first novel in a three part series I'm working on.
Now that Kaylin has finished and graduated from college, she decides to move across the country with her best friend James. The town is type of town where everyone knows everyone and everything and secrets aren’t an option. The town is turned upside down when people start getting murdered by an unknown source. Kaylin feels that it’s up to her to put her life, and the life of those around her in danger just to get to the bottom of it.

The second is an idea I've been working with for a few months.
You should never have to go through the type of pain that the Ross's have had to deal with.
Tristan Ross was only back for a short time to bury his brother and help his family deal with the devastating pain of losing a family member.
Sadie Caxton was the best friend to the deceased and to the twin, Lucy. She was only there to help her best friend and her family deal with the pain of losing someone.
Sadie and Tristan both have devastating pasts, they both have secrets. Falling for each other could end up being the worst thing for each other, or the best.

And the third is to come up with an entirely new idea in the next month.


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I've never tried NaNoWriMo, but my advice would be to pick based on (1) what you would enjoy writing the most, and (2) what is the most well defined, since the month will go by quick. I wouldn't pick based on which plot sounds more fun to others; you're the one who will be slogging through words 45k to 50k (or where ever you hit a wall), so do what you like best.

Good luck!
I'm thinking about the first one, only because I know I need to rewrite it, and I really want to get it finished and out there. Thanks and you should NaNoWriMo. It's a ton of fun!