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NaNoWriMo Breakdown (1 Viewer)

Just so you know, the forums at NaNoWriMo's official website have been suffering from widespread problems. All recent posts have disappeared into thin air, and sometimes they never reappear. Posts are also just randomly disappearing, and many comments cannot be viewed. I would strongly advise people to stick to these forums until the issue is resolved.


The new forums are a bit of a mess. I haven't talked to one person who likes them. I can't spend the time waiting for the pages to load. Bah.


It might be because they're using Drupal this year instead of Xoop, which is what they used for the last couple of years. Switching everything over and having to fine tune things to fit, and work out unforeseen bugs, might be causing them some grief.
Looks like the issue has FINALLY been resolved, so we can go back to using those forums. I think I'll still stick to the Writingforums though, cause they're just a bit easier on the eye.