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Revan U'trini'as

Hooah! I'm going for this, but I have a feeling I too will run out of steam... but hey, nothing better to do on weekdays...


Kira the wanderer said:
What do I do after I register?

Well, first you wait until 12:00am November 1st before you start writing. I would suggest that you spent the next few weeks chatting in the NANO forums and find some people in your area.

I also think it is acceptable that you do some outlines or write notes about the book you are going to write. I would also spend the next few weeks getting some rest.

I posted my NANO lessons learned at my blog so check it out if you have some time. Good luck!


Signed up

Ok ay I signed up... now whats the deal with this "group" here on WF and how do I join it ?


signed up a few days ago...this should be fun ;)

already have the plot outlined, and my MC has some character notes.
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