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NaNo 2011 Progress! (1 Viewer)


This is one of the best posts I've read about 'real life' writing. Foxee, you've summed up my (writing) life in just 75 words! :coffeescreen:
Why thank you! Considering that I see a book in your avatar spot I'll take that as a sign I may be on the right track. :)

Kyle R

WF Veterans
I didn't finish.. *sniff*

But I did enjoy my first taste of writing a novel, and I learned a few things about my creative process that I wouldn't have discovered otherwise. So, because of that, I consider it a success. It was a very cool experience. And a standing ovation from me to those of you who actually did finish!

Admiration and awe. : )


Senior Member
I'm new here but I just wanted to throw out there I completed my first ever NaNo last year and I was sooo happy about it!