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Name a gizmo that doesn't exist0-but should! (1 Viewer)


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[Miniature power station powered by hamster wheels]

[Electricity generated by wagging dog tails, as proposed by Bill Bailey]

[Nanoscopic vacuums that clean dust gahthered between laptop keys]

[A wire-cutter like device, strong blades with long handles designed solely for the felling of selfie-sticks]

[A cube placed upon a human head with water, soda and melted cheese tanks. High quality headphones and an opening at the front with a tube that enters the mouth, this device is for the modern reclusive procrastinator who rarely migrates away from their computer screen]{Waste disposal cube sold separately}


WF Veterans
This is probably entirely off topic, but is there actually a thread somewhere for naming things that do exist but shouldn't?

I just came up with "SATSOT", an acronym for Society Against That Sort Of Thing, meaning an "organisation" created by an individual or small number of people to give the impression that they represent the views of a far larger number. SATSOTs can wield far too much power, much like QUANGOs.

Pennywise Purple

Senior Member
Adult diapers that can be used as a slingshot or education institute.
(Transforms to the sound of the human spirit). Conflicted or otherwise.


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A thingamajig to help people make creative answers to questions such as posed by this thread.
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The Drizzle Cubby, a waterproof closet installed within one's shower.

The Metric Dematerializer, a toilet that gives exact data on the weight, viscosity and molecular composition of your fecal matter.

The Second Wind Tarp, a parachute for hot air balloon baskets.


Senior Member
Low-voltage tasers for insolent children.

People prods for unruly shoppers.

Laundry pills: take one and somehow, all your laundry is done!
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A noise cancelling sonic bubble that can be put over babies when they scream in public.

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