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KnickersVsA Hell

Hi.. You must come across a lot of introductions, and I'm merely another person on this site showing off my font. I like black. It's non-slutty, but then so are a lot of colors. You'll read this, thinking, I didn't think you were a slut anyway.. How old are you? 5? No, but mentally, I may as well be 1/5 of that. So hello. I don't know how long I'll hang around in these forums. I might critique on the work of others if I have enough time. I rarely have enough time. If anyone wants to send me a private message for whatever reason, they're welcome to do that. But a warning beforehand. No dirteh messages.


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Hi there and let me wwelcome you to the forum, KnickersVsA Hell :)

~ Shinn
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