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mythical slot machine of infinite possibility{called the unknown] (1 Viewer)


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I was thinking to myself tonight. This sort of odd scenario. Let’s say that in every person’s life they are born with a slot machine given to them. This slot machine is pure black. Nothing wrote on it. Maybe symbols on it to determine if you’ve won, lost, are nothing happened. The slot machine has god like powers and can-do anything. Most likely the results are just nothing happens. The more extreme reality breaking results kind of happen maybe once in a lifetime. The more money you put into this slot machine the less the neutral results happen but everything that is good that can happen has an equal and opposite bad thing that counter balances it. You don’t even have to pay money to make this slot machine spin and win something. You can just straight up grab the lever and spin it anytime you want. Most likely 99.9999999 percent of the time though nothing happens if we do.

So I got a decent question. Why is it in life we literally may ever only play this slot machine twice and when we do we think that everything bad has a sixty percent more likely chance of happening then anything bad. So here’s is an example. You would have an equally likely chance that god takes his time to make a personal heaven for just you as you have of him making a perso9nal hell for just you. What I have noticed is people will fear one but not expect the other at all... the same person that fears getting mugged going to the store doesn’t fear grabbing a random lottery ticket off the ground and it turning out to be a winning ticket that changes their live forever. Think about that. To you the odds of the thing that the unknown brings you is just as likely to happen in most situations as the.

Knowing that why do we fear tings may be bad happening to us more than we blindly pull that lever a jump for joy fearing the best-case scenario? Welkl besides evolution and human in built negativity bias. It's just a thing to think about before you take any risk.