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My Vegas Diary (1 Viewer)


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The wife and I just returned from a trip to Las Vegas.

I really hate Las Vegas. If you would like to know how much I hate Vegas, it's all here in my blog.

I link to it because it's a bit lengthy and not worth re-formatting for the forum. Also, it's kind of funny in places and I thought you might enjoy it. Read it or not. I make no money off my blog (No ads. No special offers. No secret spambots.) - I just do it for the hell of it, and it's a fun writing outlet. I know there are blogs associated with WF, but I've had Almost Daily for about 13 years and I have no desire to shift it anywhere else.




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I liked the write-up. I visited Las Vegas one time. I attended a week-long training class by Varian. I was put into the Lady Luck Hotel and Casino. The cigarette smoke was so bad in the hotel it's a wonder I didn't develop lung cancer by the end of the week. Coming from a humid environment, I was shocked at the static electricity. Everything I touched sparked. I became gun-shy about touching things. I chuckled as a lady walked past me, her dress was crackling from the discharge of electricity between her hose and skirt. I ate good. I spent the week and never bet a nickel. It was an interesting trip.