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My real estate agent wants to meet with me again... she's weird. (1 Viewer)

bazz cargo

Retired Supervisor
Hi Cinderblock,
we have a problem, if I were writing a story it would be full of sinister machinations. In real life, well, you could be a challenge, or a charity gig, or her new bestie gay friend. Or maybe you remind her of someone. The question is not her actions but your response. You can carry on wimping out or you can meet at a coffee shop and ask what is going on. We, your fellow writers, are all itching to know.
Good luck

Megan Pearson

Senior Member
Hey Cinderblock,

You sound just like one of my uncles. Except, I think he’s not quite as outgoing as you are. Mind if I chime in with a couple of thoughts?

Idea #1

Her invitation to coffee might be innocent. But, seeing as you are not the most socially sophisticated type, my bottom line advice is to not trust her completely. Do you have a sister? A concerned female neighbor friend who knows you? Or anyone female friend slightly older than the realtor? (Age is important here.) Bring her along to the coffee shop when you meet with your realtor friend. Have your guest say that she’s just visiting for the weekend and that she wanted to meet all of your friends. If pressed, your guest will say that she insisted on going everywhere you did. (While smiling obnoxiously, of course. Hey, want to borrow some of my friends? They’d have fun with this.)

One of two things may happen at this point. If the realtor was up to something shady, she might have some trite things to say and leave in a huff. Great. Problem solved. Or, if she is genuinely being a nice neighbor—and I sincerely think there are many more nice neighbors out there than we give them credit—she will greet your friend and recognize that you do indeed have a support system. She’s still going to drop in on you once in a while to check up on you, but because she now knows there are other people who check in on you, too, she’ll feel like she’s helping share the responsibility of making sure you’re okay. And that’s not a bad thing. It may make it easier for her to accept your declining further invitations to anything (if you want to decline them) in the future if she has not targeted you as her next ‘good neighbor’ project.

Idea #2
Although, my gut feeling is still telling me this is somehow business related (meaning, she's trying to drum up business or business contacts). The catch to this idea, and why I didn't run with it first, is that really outgoing people are also really good at reading people. She knows you're introverted and keep to yourself. As I'm not one of those overly outgoing people myself, I'm still scratching my head on how to resolve the conflict such a personality type + people reading skill + business motivation combination might best be resolved in this scenario. Why would she want to drum up business contacts from someone who's not going to blabber about town how great a realtor she is? So in lieu of a better resolution to this, I keep defaulting back to the premise in Idea #1.

Just some thoughts from a broad.


P.S. The suspense grows! Please let us know what happens!