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My Prose Poem Published (A Fall Through the Internet) (1 Viewer)


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Congratulations, Pamelyn! I read your Prose Poetry and thought it was such a unique twist on relationships and how emotions can be so powerful, even just on the screen of your computer... I think it heightens the emotions when all you have are words... that came across in your poem, and the loss of someone never met, is still a loss and still painful... anyway, this was so well written and creatively unique ;) You are on a rollllll! I hope you take a moment and enjoy your success....you have earned it! Thank you for sharing your exciting news...

Pamelyn Casto

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Thank you, Firemajiic, for your kind words. Yes, relationships in person as well as online can result in strong feels and difficult losses when they end. I once had a great friend I absolutely adored and one night dreamed this person was coming to my home. In the dream I was so excited, waiting for his arrival. Then the doorbell rang, I opened it . . . Standing there in my doorway was . . . a giant email message!


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Better Than Starbucks published my “A Fall Through The Internet” and selected it as one of their Featured pieces. I also got a note from a reader who called it “wonderful and poignant.” (It’s so nice when a stranger takes the time to let us know our work’s appreciated.) See my piece at https://www.betterthanstarbucks.org/experimental-prose-form-poetry
I loved it Pam. Though we initially start with just typing our own thoughts weaved around our emotions, sentiments, imagination; it just doesn't stay casual, and it's a hard time realising it in the middle of the stream and you don't have any escape route but learn to deal with the flow.

Heartiest congratulations. Keep writing Dear.