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My Odyssey (1 Viewer)

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Hi my name is Alex, Im 14 years old. This story was for my highschool project. I thought it was good and I wanted to share with others. Plz dont put bad remarks, but if it was bad giv me advice Thank you.

Most of you probably know of the Odyssey, Odysseus’s great journey to return home to his faithful wife, Penelope, but actually the story was kind of tweaked to make it sound all ancient, so the historians have something to do on their free time. The Odyssey actually took place in a typical school known as St. Joseph High school. The Trojan War wasn’t a war against Troy; it was a basketball game against St. Joe’s rival Benton Harbor. I almost forgot about the most important character of the Odyssey that they left out because he was thought to be just Zeus’s messenger boy, me, Hermes. I’m just a typical nerd that works in the office, principal Zeus’s right hand man and sometimes his dart board, your probably wondering about my magical shoes and wand, my shoes does not have wings but an oversized shoe lace that makes it look like wings and my magical wand is just a detention slip that I roll up so I can put it in my pocket. Well that’s all you need to know for now, enjoy the real Odyssey.

7:00 AM, I was late, I strapped on my suspender and ran toward the office. As soon as I opened the door a yellow ruler smacked me on the head, chills ran down my spine like I was struck by lightning. It was Mr. Zeus, the principal. Mr. Zeus gave off immense amount of unpleasant aura, it was unbearable, I started to sweat, and I knew something bad was going to happen.
Mr. Zeus started tapping his finger in beat,” Hermes…”
“Oh, man its coming”, I thought in my mind.
The tapping stopped,” Since… you have been so loyal to me, you will be promoted to be my personal assistant!”
At that moment he looked like a knight in shining armor, his wig blew off by the breeze coming from the window uncovered his bald head gleaming from the sun’s ray. I wanted to say Thank you, but it came out as a hysterical laugh. It was funny but it hurt me to laugh.I knew I was going to get it.
Next morning I was so happy, bird’s chirping and the sun was smiling at me. I wanted to sing, but my head ached from Mr. Zeus’s lethal blow to the head, there is something strange about his yellow ruler that is 10x durable and powerful then an average ruler.
In the office, Mr. Zeus called me to his office. As I opened the door I quickly held up the attendance folder trying to shield my head, it worked. I smiled and checked the folder; the ruler penetrated 30 pages and was lodged in the folder.
“I have a Job for you,” said Mr. Zeus.
I was ready.
Mr. Zeus continued,”I want you to coach the high school basketball team.”
I was devastated; I don’t know any thing about basketball, the only after school activity I was in was juggling club and chess club!
Next day, my mom drove me to meet my team in her minivan. I quickly slid the door of the van and started fast walking with my head down; I didn’t want people to see me with my mom. I heard foot steps behind me I started walking faster, the foot steps adjusted to match mine. I entered the auditorium and closed the door behind me. I was relieved. As I started introducing myself I heard a familiar voice.
“Honey!” the unknown voice called.
I looked back. It was my mom!
“Honey, why are you walking so fast, you forgot your kiss,” said mom.
I grew bright red and gave her a quick kiss.
“You forgot your lunch, I packed your favorite” said mom
The kids started laughing.
“Mom, Please, not in front of my students” I said lightly pushing my mom toward the door.
“I’m sorry sweetie, now you go have fun with your friends,” said mom.
“What an entrance” I thought to myself slapping my forehead.
We first introduced each other, there were at least 20 kids, one of them was Telemachus, a trouble maker, I was suprised he would join the basketball team. We first started with drills to test the student's skill. I dont know a thing about basketball but they were horrible. They tripped over each other and threw balls at each other. It was a riot.
After the drill, my mom picked me up and went to the library. I checked out few books about basketball starting from Basketball for Dummies, Guide to Own in basketball, and How to Play Basketball with Black Kids. They all were very educational.
Today, without any warning Mr. Zeus anounced that we will have our first game with Niles. I mumbled remarks to my self and I came out with four inches imprinted on my head. I knew his horrible charma will get him someday.
3:30, the game began, my mom was there, holding a sign reading "WE LOVE HERMES" and a beutiful young women sitting in the bleacher. Mom seems to enjoy embarassing me.
Telemachus jumped for the ball, but just touched it. Niles had possesion. Their players looked as if they were on steroids, they were amazing, some of them appeared to have boobs.They led the game 20 - 0 first quarter. In the second quarter Telemachus had the ball, but he was shoved by the opponent. Telemachus became furious and cussed at the Niles team.
" One more word from you and your teams is out" yelled the referee
With Telemachus's bad temper he did not stop and we were forced to leave the court. We had to pull him out of the court. After the game my mom bought us all pizza to lighten up the mood. I felt kind of irresponsble because It felt like I was rewarding the team for sucking and that wasn't the worst part, my mom would not stop trying feed me and wipe my lips.
Next morning, I was working on some papers and I found a letter that is to be sent to Telemachus's mom. Mr. Zeus wrote it and I could hardly read it. I read it slowly out loud.
" Dear Penelope... with your sun's grad... he will not be able to continew basketball... until... he brings his grad up... Love, John Juice."
I was surprised that Mr. Zeus did not know ho to spell his own name and what he wrote in the end was kind of strange.
After school I had a lot of time on my hand so I've decided to deliver the letter myself. Telemachus lived in Phaecian road according to the address written on his record.


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i think you put this here by mistake... as a story, it should be in the fiction section... this is for non-fiction...