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My Mother’s Battle (1 Viewer)


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A love that once was so true,
A thought you had always knew.
Forever wishes that usually die,
With a love that was only a lie.
Your heart was so string but it’s weakened now.
The wicked actor takes a bow.
Crumbled dreams of greater times.
Mid evil church bells play their chimes.
These rancid dreams of nowhere land,
You buried your dead hopes in the sand.
Hateful winds blow on and on.
You’ve turned away from the morning’s dawn.,
Into the shadow of yester-tears.
You’ve watched the days grow into years.
You were imprisoned by a marriage carved in clay.
You’ve waited for the final day.
Where Freedom can leak from your lips,
Without your world torn and ripped.
Without this pain burning through,
Where you faked the love that was so true.
The lies will never hurt the he same.
Except inside the hatchet that held the flame.
I My mother was a victim of domestic violence. She turned to drugs and alcohol to escape the pain she endured on a daily basis. After several years of this she learned how to escape it permanently. I wrote this when I was 16. As a child, I struggled to make sense of our volatile atmosphere. Writing was the only way I could exactly read myself without my world falling apart.
Hey there,

I feel a lot of pain in your words...your mother's and yours. It is really difficult to write about these things. Thank you for taking the time to share.

"The lies will never hurt the same
Except inside the hatchet that held the flame."- great lines.

In line five, you wrote "string" , I think you meant "strong"?