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My love (1 Viewer)


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My love
My love forever be an undying sun for your body’s yearning it’s warm embrace

I am jealous of the supple autumn air blowing through your hair like my fingers used to & I cannot

Or how the Moonlight kisses your skin each night & I cannot taste

I am jealous of the sun gazing in
your emerald eyes every dawn
& I cannot

Or how the robins sing sweet love songs each day to you my love & I cannot hear

Or how the sea breeze kisses your
sweet face & I cannot

I am jealous the way the February rain cries when you do
& I cannot see

Oh but a wish of mine for you to see yourself through my eyes

I cannot imagine all of these wonders gracing your soul my love, without me to see or feel, this pains me terribly so
I must drink the poison

Love J.h

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