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My Little hello (1 Viewer)

Apon reading through the welcome thread for somthing wild crazy AND exiting! I let out a wail of despair when I had not posted a Hello thread! Well I just wanted to say hello (Again to some of you
) and tell you a little about myslef. Because I am a very mysterious 13 yr old...hehe
Well so far my schooling has been exceptional! Except for the fact that i was expelled this year..But at least now I get to go to and "Alterinitive" school called Leaders iN Learning. It is very much fun and they teach me talk good!! All i have to do is read for 30 mins..write for 15...and then w/e I want
. My school hours are only 3 hrs long! + I can go whenever I want between 8am-8pm (it would b 5 at latest so I could do my 3 hours) As of now I have finished with my Duites so off to the forum's! *Cheer* Well I hope I get to read all of your stories. Thats all of my life I would like to share with you guys...If you want to know WHY I was expelled..well that is a story for another day
OR I could answer that in a PM But at Leaders we have a saying..."We talk good...OR else!" Well I hope I c u guys around cause I'm just your friendly neirborhood :spidey:


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Wow, you certainly sound like an interesting character :p I wish you a belated welcome to the forums, Coltonskinner, and I hope you continue to enjoy them. I have a feeling you'll fit right in here, but if you need any help just ask, I'm always happy to help.


Hello, This is Colton Skinner again. It's been three years since I've been to this site. Sadly I can't remember my account password. So I asked my friend for his old account, so I just wanted to tell everyone "I'm back!" and that I look forward to reading all your wonderful stories.