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My Last Two Cents... (2 Viewers)

My Last Two Cents…

America is the most controversial country in the world, because we are a widely mixed society of people. As everyone with a brain can see, it is the most mixed nation in the world, and I love it for that reason above all others. Sure, we’ve seen our share of war, corrupt officials, and societal struggle, but on our side of the pond, we’ve managed to stay relatively sane. The race riots in the sixties, which spread across the nation, even here in Wisconsin. I have the article from the Sentinel for the forty year anniversary of the race riots in Milwaukee titled, A City Burns, and I’ve always known that race has been the biggest issue in America since it’s conception; old news. But from what I’ve seen among the comments on Curse’s, “Should we have to stand?” essay, a greater problem has evolved amongst the people of this nation, especially young people. I don’t pretend to be fifty years old, but in the nineteen years I’ve been on this planet I’ve grown fond of the way things used to be. Today’s high school students, especially those of us in the writing community, have aimed their frustrations with our leaders at our country, without stepping back to see the big picture. I really don’t understand why young adults, just breaking into the endless possibilities America has for them, claim they hate it so much. They call it “fascist” and blame all of the world’s problem on “the American war machine”.
I’m coming off as preachy, but what doesn’t with you people. Who really minds standing for the pledge of allegiance? Why write about such a childish topic, and above all, why act out against it? America has never wronged you, or anyone you can ever meet. When a drunk driver kills runs someone down in the street, no body holds it against the car, or even the alcohol, which does happen to be a big factor. Our outrage should be directed at nothing but the pig behind the wheel. We all know that Bush has had his affairs in order regarding the Middle East since before he was in office. We all know why, and we don’t need to go over the details, again. The truth is corrupt officials have been in and out of office for countless decades. We need to help this country pick up the pieces, once Bush and his executive staff have been kicked to the curb, by making sure the right leaders are elected.
I do believe that this is my last post on this particular site. I have received nothing but negative perspective and redundant criticism. I signed on to try and put my own gonzo work out there in the open, but I found that no one, on the internet at least, that can appreciate the gravity holding it together. I know I write using, for lack of a better word, unconventional methods and mediums. Maybe some people can’t handle gonzo journalism, and I can see why. It isn’t always easy on the soul or the mind to put it into motion, but I love it, and I’ll never stop writing the way I do. Unbelievers can review my New Years Eve story to give them a taste, and if it doesn’t sit right, then spit it right back out and see if I give a damn. You can keep picking each other apart on this website while I take my work seriously, on and off the typewriter.
Please, divert your negative energy away from this great country, and direct it at the pigs making the mess. I love this land, and I hate those few who lead us by the millions blindly down the drain…

“Every official that comes in
Cripples us, leaves us maimed,
Silent and tamed,
And with our flesh and bones
He builds his home…”
-Rage Against The Machine