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My introduction is the start of my rise to fame (1 Viewer)



I am known as FlairOfPencils to you people, but my friends call me Shakespeare, because of my talent as a writer. My writing is only as good as the shoe fits. That's why I order my shoes from the greatest shoemaker of them all, Japan. He is a great shoemaker.

To the main point, though, I am a great writer, but am new to this thing called a "forum". A "smiley" is a foreign concept to me. Watching happy faces dance and pretend they are smurfs are not my forte.

I welcome all of you to my noble presence!


Well thats great! I'll let you soak up the leftover glory after I'm done! Anyways Welcome, I can't wait to read your work!
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Well, I hope you have some great stuff and some great coat tails for me to ride on as you rise to fame. :) <--That would be a smiley.
Emote with me. It feels good. All the cool kids are doing it.




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You'll only be successful once you're dead.

On to the real point though, I originally thought your intro title read, "My introduction is the start of my rise to flame"... I then realized I was wrong, but the error gave me a thought I can hopefully develop into a new work of art. I might even be as good as you one day. Thanks for the inspiration, (and welcome to WF.com).


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Cool Name

Ooooooh! Attitude with a capital 'A'! I guess I'd better be on my toes. No ... just kidding. Welcome FlairOPencils. I like your name. Sounds kind of elegant. Look forward to your writing.


It's kind of hard to tell, but those are pencils.​


P.S. I get a kick out of using icons and do so often.​