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My Head (1 Viewer)

Mark Hix

Empty when I wake
Rising for the day
Stillness all around
Voices still sound

Laces tied stepping to the path
Walking one foot then the other
Solitude surrounds
Voices still sound

Momentary smile of color
Sparkle of the dew
Quietness pounds
Voices still sound

Adding distance by day
Walking one foot then the other
Alone with my thoughts
Voices still sound.


Staff member
I like this- interesting and fun form. the penultimate lines (stillnes all around-solitude surrounds-quietness pounds-alone with my thoughts) adds flavor and depth to the repetition line. The solitude all around us while the voices in our heads chatter away-- Good job- welcome to the showcase and I hope to see many more of your poems.


Staff member
Welcome to WF, Mark. I enjoyed this poem and look forward to reading more of your work.