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My greatest frustration... (1 Viewer)

Davi Mai

Senior Member
... is not being able to read more. My kindle app is full of books I wanna read, but I can't get into. I just don't have the concentration span for more than a few pages at a time.

And so I'm writing without enough reading under my belt. And it probably shows.

Does anyone else find reading to be quite a challenge? And yet you can hammer a load of bollocks into your keyboard, for much longer than you can just sit still and READ?


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Lol! Concentration span, or rather lack of, yet another T-shirt in my imaginary collection.
Maybe you just need to find the right genre. I didn't think there was a right genre for me but I found one, and, although I haven't been able to visit local libraries because of this pandemic, I can get so into a book that the house could collapse around that I might not notice until dust began to settle on the page that I was reading.

Hammering out bllx on my keyboard, now that's a problem for me, believe it or not. There are times when my head is so full of, well, bllx, my mind is reeling that I can't switch on and log in quickly enough, but as soon as I get in front of a keyboard it just evaporates.


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short story anthology.
get one with a really broad spectrum of writers.
high fantasy doesn't appeal,
flip to who-rewired-the-landing-party.

lots of bite sized templates to skim
for how'd-they-write-that reference.

saved my life more than once.

audiobooks don't convey punctuation
quite as well.