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My Friend (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
I have a very close and wonderful friend.
She has a child-like, playful and spontaneous nature, full of curiosity and enthusiasm.
She is genuinely sincere and innocently vulnerable, with an adamant excitement for Nature and a deep love of the Sea,
The brilliance of the noon day sun sparkles in her flowing hair and radiates through her beautiful eyes.
She is always calm and relaxed, with a soft, gentle, soothing hug and touch.
She freely and humbly accepts compliments with sincere gratitude and joy whenever they are offered.
With her, conversation is always introspective, contemplative, thoughtful and engaging. Always fascinating and educational, too.
She has a love of learning, a thirst for reading, and a deep appreciation for the arts. She encourages the free expression of opinion, always responding without judgment.
She listens with an open mind.
She loves with an open heart.
She is committed but not obsessed to live a healthy lifestyle.
When we are together, we are attentively focused on one another, supporting and encouraging one another in individual growth and learning.
She warms my heart by tenderly getting into my head.
She is the only “true friend” I have ever known.
Have you seen her?
It seems that I have lost her….