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My Essay, A Brief and (Likely) Necessary Literature, Re-Published Today--Poetry News (1 Viewer)

Pamelyn Casto

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My essay, A Brief and (Likely) Necessary Literature, that was translated into Russian, was re-published at OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters this morning (on their Facebook page). See the Russian version at https://www.facebook.com/ojalart/?ref=page_internal See the English version at https://ojalart.com/casto-article-flash-fiction/

I also got word that one (or more) of my poems won a first place prize in an annual contest I like to enter. I'll know in mid-November which of my poems won. They usually have an awards banquet where all the first place winners read their poems but that had to be canceled due to Covid-19. Now they'll do the awards via Zoom. That's when I'll find out which poem won, or maybe even which poems--plural-- won. A couple of times I've won two first places in their past contests. It's kind of fun, too, to try to guess which of the poem I entered might have won.

I might have even better news to share in a couple of days. The last-minute details have to be attended to before I can announce it.

I'm so grateful for this good news. Keep writing!
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