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recently ive been looking for job cuz i can t benifit from my poems. in fact, after finishing 'the lost paradise', ive stopped comercial writing. now i only wrote few poems for battles. today i had interview. the interviewer is a lady. we chatted in english for some time. then she gave me a test paper and asked me not to write any answer in the test paper. but i didnt listen to her, i wrote my answered on the test paper. i knew she wanted to save paper. i thought i would do the same if i was the boss. however, her behavior had made me unhappy cuz the test paper had brought me to realise that i couldnt get much comfort from this company and my talent value would not be properly paid here. i couldnt say this company wasnt good, but i didnt like it. so i just did shit on this paper. usually i never do a good job if i know i wont own or deal with my handwriting. as i expected, she refused me as soon as she saw the answers on the test paper. cuz she didnt think i was a good listener. i didnt say anything, i just left there quietly.i wrote this shit cuz i want west people to know something about ch*na as more and more west people will have business in ch*na. this topic is about how ch*nese find job. i'll finish it as my diary. i hope my wisdom can help west people and at the same time i can be properly paid. thanks for reading. more will come.

By Carl . L . Yang
8.4.2004 in shenzhen