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My Book Intro (1 Viewer)

Intro to my book

Basically I'm trying to write a book that's not "just more goddamned sci fi." My focus is going to be on the efforts of the protagonists to force government disclosure. I had an idea to use a journal as a framing device which gave me a fairly interesting idea. My idea is to use 1st person for the main-main character, and 3rd person for the other characters (because it's the main characters journal).

I'm going to be adding one more character (this book is going to quite long, at least 500 pages) and I'd like any suggestions.
My ideas so far:
Scientist at Dulce
Army [email protected]
A politician (a "good" politician, basically on the side of disclosure, he'd be a little more instrumental though)

Anyways, let me know what you guys think.
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What made you decide to use this idea as a book, and not say, as a short story or flash fiction etc.
You mention that the story is going to be sci fi, what sort of setting do you envision? How does this government work, how do they respond to information, how do they keep it suppressed? What information are they keeping suppressed and why?

Conversely, what does the protagonist want, how does he get drawn into a conflict with such a powerful force as a government in the first place? What is the personal cost to him in this conflict?

A good exercise might be to try and write a short fiction piece (under a thousand words) that details to the reader the setting for this book. Use as little exposition as possible, show the reader a slice of life from this future society.


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I've got to be honest, I've always liked that 1st person/3rd person layout to a book, even if it makes for strange reading for the first couple of chapters. I definitely agree with SickBoy that you should write a piece of short fiction just to set the scene in your own head; to my mind, what you've written so far in this thread is the beginnings of thinking about an idea.
Ah ok guys, thank you for the feedback. I actually have a full outline written out, and a pretty complete setting in my mind. The setting is going to be a lot more realistic than sci-fi implies. It is going to be set in today's times, and the alien's civilization and technology will remain somewhat unknown. This is because it gets WAY too technical and/or cheesy really quick. When you start spending 10s of pages describing a dyson sphere or vacuum energy it's excessive.
Basically what happens is the main character loses his memory (it's supposed to be similar to the Betty and Barney Hill "abduction") and eventually recovers the memories. Eventually he finds out he managed to smuggle out an artifact, and being a particle physicist discerns it's properties. Dr. Koening, along with the other main characters, establishes a disclosure group. The government basically stonewalls them (as it is the disclosure group in real life) and they are initially unsuccessful.
Then a disaster (massive explosion resembling an air burst from a meteor) happens over Houston, Texas, and living witnesses see a ship of obviously alien origins. Initially the government says it's an air burst from a meteor but eventually Putin causes Russia to release the real story. It's revealed the Tunguska was a similar attack, and essentially a war starts. Using the alien technology Dr Koening possesses, they create ships and weapons.
Basically the only 2 technologies I'm going to mention are room temperature superconductors (for energy and magnetic acceleration weapons) and superstrong carbon-fibers (I'm not going to call them carbon nano-tubes but that's what they are.)


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I really like the idea of the journal. I read Dracula by Bram Stoker this year. It was full of journal entries. The journals are written by many. There are also letters and a news article. The device hasn't been used too often, probably because of the difficulty of writing in many character voices. It would be very exciting to read it done well.