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My "A Close Reading" Feature Column (1 Viewer)

Pamelyn Casto

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OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters has asked me to write a regular feature column for them called "A Close Reading." My latest essay, A Close Reading of Molly Giles' "The Writer's Model" went live this morning. I hope you find my essay interesting and helpful in exploring outstanding flash fiction pieces and in exploring related writer techniques. See my essay at


So far O:JA&L has published two of my other A Close Reading essays:

A Close Reading of Fielding Dawson's "The Vertical Fields"

A Close Reading of Dino Buzzati's "The Falling Girl"

What I love about this assignment is that it helps me get my mini essays ready for my how-to book on writing flash fiction. It's all coming together quite nicely, I think (I've included maybe twenty previously published articles on the topic of flash fiction). I adapted these essays from those I wrote for the popular online flash fiction courses I used to teach.)

All the best, and in a flash!

Pamelyn Casto