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My 1st Writers' Conference (1 Viewer)


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Yesterday, I attended my first writers' conference (called Indiepalooza 2017) and loved it! This conference was held @ Rice University (beautiful campus) and intended for indie authors. It was a long day, but I thoroughly enjoyed meeting local authors and learning useful tips from various speakers. I attended useful breakout sessions related to book tours, the new D2D audiobook program, how to run your indie book business, etc. Best part was attending it for free (I was a guest speaker) and also selling a few of my books (a local bookstore set up a booth and sold speaker's books during the event). This event was informative, a good opportunity to network, and I'm so glad I went. Have you attended any writers' conferences that were worth-while?


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Networking is always a good opportunity, Mike. It will be interesting to see how many other WF authors attend this type of event.