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Music that feels like certain books/poems (1 Viewer)

Sometimes, a song just feels like a particular book, or passage in a book, or poem. I'm not even talking about songs directly inspired by literature, though those can be cool too, but songs that give you a similar aesthetic experience to a work of literature. For example:

Neimand Geht Vorbei (Drottnar) reminds me of 1984, or at least how I remember 1984 when I read it as a teenager. The same crushing, gray, industrial-slow, autocratic force. Both, I suppose, pull inspiration from real totalitarian regimes, so it makes sense.

Beauty After the Fall (Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus) feels like Middle-Earth, but Middle-Earth after the elves have left. So strange and beautiful and sad, ancient lost things, but in this green moonlit or half-sunlit forest, and wildness, ruins of old structures. Places where lovely things once walked and walk no more.

Nocturnal Me (Echo & The Bunnymen) feels like the St. John of the Cross poem Dark Night of the Soul (just the poem; I've never read the book in its entirety). Dies Irae (Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus) gives me a similar feel.

I would love to find a song that feels like The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, or Out of the Silent Planet, both by C. S. Lewis, or a song that feels like The Green Book (Jill Paton Walsh). Conversely, I wonder if there's a work of literature with the same feeling as this song, or this song.

But what I would really, really love is song that feels like The Wind in the Willows, especially the Piper at the Gates of Dawn segment or the Wayfarers All segment. Any recommendations on any of those lines? Or other song/literature connections that come to mind?


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I get exactly what you are saying. Can't help you find a song that hits your chords though, it's all very personal, especially if you want to relate to a book you've read, of which you have a very personal memory, you know?
I listen to songs from random spotify playlists that can fit my mindset when I'm writing and sometimes I get a good match, sometimes I don't.
Good luck! :D