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Music Bio: Matchbox Twenty (1 Viewer)

I wrote this a few months ago for a website. Hoping to grab more opinions...obviously. Anyways, here it is. Enjoy!


Rob Thomas - Lead Vocals / Piano

Kyle Cook - Lead Guitar / Back up Vocals

Brian Yale - Bass

Paul Doucette - Drums / Percussion

Matchbox Twenty began in 1996 as "Matchbox 20". Before that, matchsticks Thomas, Yale, and Doucette began with the Orlando-based band "Tabitha's Secret". Tabitha's Secret started as Thomas, John Goff, Jay Stanley, Yale, and Chris Smith. Doucette later joined and was followed by the departure of Smith. Tabitha's Secret broke up for unknown reasons just prior the formation of Matchbox Twenty. Thomas, Yale, and Doucette later recruited Cook and rhythm guitarist Adam Gaynor. Doucette discovered the name "Matchbox 20". Doucette was working as a waiter at a restaurant at the time, and had spotted it on a jersey.

The band entered the studios for the recording of their first album. Titled "Yourself or Someone Like You", the bands album spawned a series of hits. "Long Day" was a minor hit, but "Push" would create a well-deserved break onto mainstream radio. But with the breakthrough hit followed a flow of criticism, mainly from feminists who accused Thomas of wanting to push people around. But Thomas denies saying that it's a song about emotional pain. Doucette also points out that the line "I want to take you for granted" implies that it isn't about physically hurting someone. Another hit was "3am", which was a misunderstood song as far as back-story went. The song itself was about a time when Thomas was in his early teen years and his mother was diagnosed with cancer. Thomas has described "Back 2 Good" as his crying song, as well as a song about constantly screwing up. "Real World" was also another hit off the album.

Touring followed for the next few years. Getting drunk at the bar after the concert became a habit. That habit would soon change for Thomas. In 1998, Thomas became a new man, as he married model Marisol Maldenado. Just a year later, Thomas went on to co-write and sing the 1999 hit song "Smooth" with Santana. Marisol also appeared in the video.

The band reentered the studio for the follow up album "Mad Season". But it would be a different studio session then their previous album. Thomas and Doucette began arguing and eventually Doucette quit the band. Doucette's absence would be brief as he soon rejoined when they recorded "The Burn". "Mad Season" was released in 2000, which spawned hits such as "Mad Season", "If You're Gone", and "Bent". "If You're Gone" was written by Thomas for his wife. Another noticeable change besides Thomas ditching the mascara is that the name had been changed from "Matchbox 20" to "Matchbox Twenty". The band also experimented with an orchestra, on the songs "You Won't Be Mine" and "Bed of Lies".

After a short-lived break, Matchbox Twenty returned to the studio yet again. This time for their third album. Just a year before, the band appeared on VH1's "Storytellers". Turning the recording of the third album, VH1's "Behind The Music" aired. The third album was titled "More Than You Think You Are". The first single was "Disease", which was co-written by the Rolling Stones' front man Mick Jagger. The huge hit "Unwell" followed, and then "Bright Lights". The album also featured Doucette's first song "Could I Be You."

Just a year after the third album hit stores, the band announced the release of the six-track "EP". EP featured live and acoustic material as well as the previously unreleased track "Suffer Me". Also to be released is the DVD "Show: A Night In The Life Of Matchbox Twenty".

Early 2005, Rolling Stone reported sad news for Matchbox Twenty fans everywhere. Gaynor had left the band. It's legitimacy was shrouded in speculation until Gaynor confirmed it on his website. Like the breakup of Tabitha's Secret, no definite answer was given.

The band splits to do their own projects for a bit. Thomas finishes his solo debut and the highly anticipated "…Something To Be". Cook tours with his band "The New Left". Yale is silent. Doucette silently works on his solo debut. Former member Gaynor continues towards his solo debut.

Chris Dixon

March 2005