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Mundane Monday. (1 Viewer)


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So what !!
It's just another Monday.
Mundane bloody Monday.

In fact how things are panning out,
everyday is melding into the same.
Is this what life is becoming.
A mirror image of previous days.

Ah !! but wait a minute.
I've woken from my lethargy.
My wife, granddaughters and dogs,
remind me of my obligations.

Do you know what.
Mundane bloody Monday can do one.
Not for me all this moping.
I remember those that need me.

Now that does make me happy.


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This piece, while functional, really offers little in the way of creativity. It is crippled by its own mundacity, which for a reader is never a good thing. As such, the last couple of posted pieces, have suffered from similar issues. No heart or hint of identity, they are akin to the polite conversation made in the grocery line. Forgotten as soon as one is out the door. As a reader, a writer no one wants their work forgotten so quickly.

Take the mundane and flip it on its head, find the little details of life that bring joy. Consider going micro with the focus of a piece, instead of a bland statement. Take S3 and bring it to life. e.g Illustrate with something the dog did that made you smile, the expression on the face of a child, etc...(Not just, this is my reason. Reasons for writing, those belong to the writer, not the reader. Things like that belong in a journal because in all honesty, they do not amount to an actual poem. Yes, it is part of the process, so keep following the path. Like GPS, when it feels like you've passed the destination, you're only part way there.)

Find the banked embers and breath some life into them. Grasp a hammer and dare the supersition; smash the mirror and write with some heart or heat. And if Mondays are a problem look up the book Tuesday by David Weinser, it can help.

Determine where the edges of the box are, consider what is comfortable, and what can set a rabbit running. Follow the rabbit and see where it leads. The results can be surprising.

Dare to get angry or frustrated or express a contrary opinion...Functional is forgettable, so fight for what is write. Find the voice of the things that matter. Give this piece an identity.

- D.
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Darkkin thank you for your comments. Yes it is mundane, because at the time that is how I felt about Mondays. I suppose I'm nowhere near a poet. I possibly write in an observational style rather than stick to certain parameters that determine how poetry is written. How I write my poems or whatever they are called is something I'm going to have to improve on. Again thanks for being honest.