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Mr. Ben Studios. Script reading. (1 Viewer)

Mr. Ben

Senior Member
Hello all prospective writers.

I'm an young amateur film director of the production company Mr. Ben Studios. (www.mbstudios.co.nr). I am currently looking for writers to pitch their scripts to me for a non-budget 3D animation short movie I plan to make next Summer.

I would like comedy...I'm seeing fun, I'm seing bit of tongue in cheek however, I'm not seeing discrimination to make people laugh no thank you. Think about it when you submit a script to me, no longer than 15 minutes screen time is what I'm trying to aim for. But if you think you have a wopper then submit and we'll read it and see if I can cut it down or make a decision. For more information ask some questions at [email protected] just e-mail me.

Thank you!

Mr. Ben Derrick
Director of Mr. Ben Studios.
[email protected]
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Senior Member
are you paying, or just offering newbies a chance to see their work come to life?...

you should post this over at imdb.com's 'shop talk writers' board, if you haven't already... that's where you'll find lots of young folks who might be interested in your project...

love and hugs, maia

Mr. Ben

Senior Member

Thank you I didn't know about that forum but I will post there.

And no it isn't paying, it's just really a chance for the writers to see their work come to life. However, I'm going to try and make the production a success therefore hopefully making some money out of it which will be distributed as is fair to all people involved with the production, including the writer. That is why I'm looking for the best script.

Thank you.

Mr. Ben.