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I'm Floris - real name there - I live in the Netherlands, so English is not my native language. However, I've done my Cambridge First Exam (A+) which was quite easy and I'm currently working on doing Cambridge Proficiency next year.

I'm very capable of conversation in both written and spoken English, but especially my ability to describe situations, environments and emotions (both facial expressions and the more abstract elements) is sadly lacking.

I write mostly fiction, big fan of Fantasy, though some non-fiction leaks into reality too sometimes.

Because I wanted a platform from which to express myself I've been writing for Silgrad Tower, basically a 'free' expansionpack for the game Oblivion made by amateurs (fans of the game). I usually write quests (missions) there, but sometimes I'm asked to write some more detailed and political backdrop for the different factions in the game. I especially like creating the different characters.

Right now the project I'm most excited about is (temporary name) Lásdan, a fantasy setting I build for a novel I'm writing. A short synopsis of Lásdan can be found here.

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Hi there, Floris! Let me be the first to welcome you to Writing Forums (en we spreken nog dezelfde taal!). Enjoy!