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More Silly Nonsense From Mikey (1 Viewer)

A Simple Man

Senior Member
The highly civilized matriarchal confederation known as Iroquois contained five (or six, depending on source) extended family long-house-building native american tribes whose territory drooped like a scrotum under Lake Ontario(which is definitely un-circumcised and ever-erect pointing west).

You should also note that contained within this region is an area known as the Finger Lakes , also locally known as the hand of God.

Following this frivolous logic, you must conclude that God has his hand on His balls, and the Iroquois people (of whom I proudly claim heritage) are indeed God's ejaculate. This should be considered a proud honor, to carry God's best seed to the world!
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A Simple Man

Senior Member
Through my own prayerful consideration, I was left with the impression that God laughed at this piece.

On another forum I was quite harshly accused of blasphemy in it's worst form, and was told that I would never be forgiven for such even if I should beg.

I consider this extremely blasphemous to put God into context like this. I will definitely put you name onto a list I will now create and keep beside my pc. It will remind me to never view your work again. One day you will be begging God to forgive you of your sins such as this disgusting comment, and you'll thank Him that I am NOT Him because I wouldn't waste my time to even listen to you.

I did review "blasphemy", "irreverence", and "profanity" as a result, and had to agree that the piece is definitely controversial.

I am eager for your opinions:
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WF Veterans
Along with God I laughed long and loud at this piece!
"Un-circumcised and ever-erect pointing west".... loved this! Change the west to east and it sounds like my hubby.
People are so damned sensitive about 'God.' If there is a God then he or she probably pours him or herself a large gin on regular occasions and laughs at all the idiots who think that he or she has no sense of humour.


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Heh heh heh. The more controversial, the better, some will say. I often say the same but often with less panache and clumsier execution. :) How have you been? I went skydiving for a while, and discovered birds are better at flying than I... but school is going well. Hope life does the same for you.



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i'm still laughing, you are forgiven for being brilliantly brazen!

askwali [hopi 'thank you!']... love and hugs, maia